sounds pretty cool. the vocals are a bit weak and the screaming thing is kind of silly, but cool drums and guitar. maybe make the solo a bit more complex and loud. thanks for the crit. i actually didn't use any effects on the vocals. i just duplicated the track and set it about 1/2 a second off the other one. thanks for picking up on the purposeful simplicity on mine.

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the music was good, kinda catchy. not the tighest but it's fine, and kinda raw. i think it's pretty solid. ya i've gotta agree with everyone else on the screaming. there's literally screaming (ala cap'n jazz - little league) and then there's that thing hawthorne heights does eeeww. just be like eminem and lose it or w/e.
Hey man, thanks again for your criticisms you gave to my song. Very appreciated. Everything sounds very solid, this type of music isn't what I'm really into, but I can tell that you guys are pretty tight instrumentally. The only complaint I really have would be the vocals/shouting, however, like I said, I'm not a big fan of the punk genre.

great job,
the music is friggin bad ass but the vocals im a little iffy on
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The intro was good, the riff was neat. The vocals werent great,especially the want to be growls that were thrown in there. The chorus was a little off to me though, might want to tweak that some more. The solo was decent. I thought you you should have started the intro again after the solo but what you did with it was pretty good. Overall its a good song.

crit mine?