im lookin at the ibanez RG1570 and i like it but there are some cons to it...

- an RG body
- Not a ZR trem...

so i was wondering is the RG's body comfortable and is the tremelo as good as ZR's cuz im gonna do a lot dive bombs and tricks on my trem.... (like herman li kinda style)
i am currently playing a Epi LP classic so how is the body different?
If you dont want an RG body, but want a ZR, all signs point to the S470.

I just got mine, and it's amazing. For the price of an RG1570 you can geta Quilt Top S with a new bridge and neck pickup.
The trem is as good if not better, than ZR

If you dont like the RG body, why dont you look into others....like the S-series....

and having an RG body and no ZR trem is most definetely isnt a CON, its just not your preference...
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RG's are damn ugly.
They asre also made of basswood, eww for me.
I'd for for a S Series anytime over RGs.
Its just personal preference. If u dont like RG Prestige body style, go for S series. I personally like both styles, RG and S. Edge Pro s a great trem, and as said before its quite as good if not better than ZR. I personally find ZR trems flimsy for some odd reasons. Regular FR feel combined with Edge Pro's quality, stability and sustain is the best of both worlds for me. I'd say go for RG. Its got superior finish, better construction, faster neck, 24 frets, and a free hardshell case. And i see basswood as a pro, not as a con. Its my favourite wood after alder. Very balanced tone, although prone to bumps. But when u spend around $1000 on ur guitar getting straplocks, wide strap, pickups upgrades, new strings, professional setup etc., u had better handle it carefully! I'd say go for RG Prestige. Get the RG2570 Prestige if u can. Its the only Ibanez that doesnt come in black! Silver finish plus hollow sharktooth inlays! *drools*

But regardless of this post, try RGs and S's, and get the one that speaks to u. Good luck!
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