Okay, before you just hit the reply button and type "Search button, n00b."... I know there's been a ton of threads on this.. But this is different, at least from what I've seen....

I know what to do to build muscle... Crunches/"bicycle" for abs.. Cardio stuff for leg strength, stamina and to burn fat.. And a lot of different stuff for arm strength...

I'm making this thread to ask how I should do stuff..
Like.... Should I focus on just doing cardio until I burn the fat off of my stomach, then work on abs as well, or do everything at once? Or what?
And also, now that I'm out of Algebra II Honors, I don't spend 8 hours a night on homework (which is why I'm going to start working out again).. So when do you all workout, right after school, before bed...?

I'm not exactly an organized person (or dedicated really).. So any tips/help/advice(I guess that's the same as tips.. lol) you want to give, feel free. =)

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I do weightlifting every 3-4 days, depending on how hard I worked out. Usually a couple of hours before going to bed. Make sure, you drink plenty of water throughout the day ( About a gallon), and stay away from things high in fat. Eat some fruit, chicken, blah blah blah, anything that wont kill you. I can't really help you on the other parts, my back is to bad for crunches and the like.
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Um you should work out everything. Running or any cardio activity should be like your warm up before doing anything. When running just run until you get tired then stop if you have to, then run some more. The next time you run try to run longer; repeat this for until you can run your desired ammount of time/miles. (For me, I run 4 miles a day, which basically means I can eat fast food without getting fat.)

After you run, you should lift weights. When you lift weights, you do sets. Each sets have a desired # of reps you want. To build muscle it's better to lift more weight and do less reps, but if you're just starting to lift weights, then just lift until you can't move. When you get over the hardcore sourness (You'll khow because you'll bearly be able to walk) in about a month, then start doing controlled sets and reps. For me, for bench lets say, I'll put on a weight where I can do between 6-8 reps for my first set. Next set I'll do a weight where I can do 1-4, then for my last two sets I'll get a spotter to help through 2 reps if I can't do it. This formula is repeated for two more chest exercises, since it takes approximately 3 exercises of the same muslce to work it out.

So that's basically, how you lift weights and run. Or if you don't want to listen to me, you can join a gym and bug the trainers to help you. Unless you sign up with LA Fitness like me, they'll put you through a program if you odn't know what you're doing.
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I run my ass off. What i did is burned all the fat, then once i felt like it, built muscle. But thats just cuz i wanted to take things one step at a time, but if you build muscle and don't burn the fat... you'll just look fatter... and i didnt' want that, so split the two up.
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You should focus on getting your body fat lower first. Eat lean products, eat proper portions. Get on a scale every 3 or 4 days. You should be able to lose about a pound every time. Eat only if youre hungry, and eat until you are no longer hungry. That is perhaps the hardest part.

When you do cardio, do it for at LEAST 30 minutes. It doesnt really matter what pace you go, but you should be at a pace where you can communicate with someone but you dont want to really be talking with them. After about 30 minutes your body will start burning fat. Until that point you are burning carbohyrdates in your body. Try to eat withing 20 minutes of working out. I found that doing two long jogs a day did the best work. It doesnt matter what speed you go, as long as you try to progress and get better at each exercise.

In the weight room, work on your shoulders, biceps/triceps, lat's and forearms. If you do chest, do flies. This will tighten the outside of your body up and you will look better faster. If youre an athlete do legs like crazy. For sets find a weight that you can do 18 times. At 17 you should struggle with it, meaning that 18 is difficult. You can do either one or two sets of each exercise.

As far as abs go.. i like to do 7 full situps, 7 half way up situps, 7 half way down situps, 7 crunches, then seven v-ups in a row. 2 sets each.

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