Does anyone have a copy of Vai's 30 hour workout that was in guitar world? I can't find it anywhere.
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Search it here on UG. We jsut posted it in the metal forums. And damnit for criss sakes. Its the 10 hour or 40 hour workout, 40 hours because its 10 hours a week, and 10 hours because its 10 hours a week. 30 hours is the lazy ass version, and theres no other such thing, wtf is with people looking for the 50 and 30 hour workouts?!?!

i've got that guitar world issue. and i can swear it is a 30 hour workout
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i'm getting it. it's not 30 hrs at once, of course. it adds up over time.
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that'd be a hardcore video if it was all at once, having to like, play guitar on the toilet, having to eat out of a troff cause you can't use your hands, quit your job, not feed pets, lose family members, and all with sixteenth notes at 212 bpm!