This is mad good, if you got some drums and vocals in here it could be amazing.... reminds me sort of tool, but more metal-y. Very nice, no complaints, the guitar was flawless, how do you record?

p.s. I went with my buddy to creation music festival 2 years back, a bunch of your influences were there, it was bitchin'
Thanks! For recording I use a M-Audio Fastrak and a Pod 2.0. The software I use is called Magix Music Maker.

Yes, I've been to Creation the last two years in a row.....it's very cool!
Kinda Sloppy and boring, but its a good start. It stops and starts again too much, needs to be smoother. decent tone, but your a little out of tune. Sorry if I sound harsh, but i'm just telling you what i hear.

If you would, crit mine
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its pretty good u need to mix it around a lil bit but other then that its pretty good keep it up
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Quote by Robguy
Nice song man. I enjoyed the hard rock tone to the guitar. One part the two guitars seemed a little off. I believe it was a little after the intro. Other than that i enjoyed the song. Good job. And thanks for the crit as well.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!
The beginning sounds like Crazy Train rip off, the rest are just chords and a few hammer ons...and of course that generic high note scale progressions.

Why would you want people to listen to it?
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Lol dont sound like crazy train.. u ... u.. u cockmonkey!. Track is okay, i mean its definatly music.. maybe you should listen to some trivium and other more modern bands to get a better idea of how rythm parts can be layered using octaves ect..

Im not sure its as good as everyone is making out man, well its not, then maybe im just saying that because im not about to ask you to crit my song.. lol

Keep on working it tho man! and listen to loads of modern bands (if u want that sound) even if its only because you like the guitar parts..