Im looking at one on Ebay


Firstly, how much do you think its worth?

What is your opinion of the amp, what tones can it do and can it do metal with a decent OD pedal?

At 30w will i be able to crank it in my bedroom at reasonable volumes?
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they sell for 600 USD new, It's definitely not a metal amp and it is loud for its size so don't plan on cranking it up in your bedroom.
Great amp, mine was $320 on eBay. I wouldn't go over $400. And yep, it can do metal with high gain tubes and an OD.
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You can't crank a 30w tube amp. Even in a band you won't have it up to 10.

EDIT: I don't know if $670 is a great deal. Apparently you can get them for $750 new at Davis Music in Melbourne, but maybe not in NSW.
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