This is a poem that turn into a hit with my band, (C) Kelsey De Anna W.
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Written and composed by Kelsey De Anna
Story of the Poem

They say she dreamed too much
They say she thought too much
Her friends cried out in agony and pain
The day, she cut her puppet strings
And flew away
Her heart was pure and true
She was loving and sympathetic to the world
Only to be laughed at cruelly to her face
The little puppet danced for them
Caressed their sadness and tears
But not one thought of her as company
Only meant to be controlled
Every night she’d look to the stars
And remembered the days
where she was worth a breath
She was just like one of us
Who made us laugh
They were so cruel to her as time went by
She lost her innocence, virtue, and soon
Appeared the retched puppet strings
It was because they were so cruel to her
Even hateful at times
Suddenly they could see
the shimmer of the puppet strings
In the dim light of hope she held tight to
By morning, as the sun would rise
She’d raise her arms and put on her mask
So no one could see her weep
About those retched puppet strings
They all thought she was fine
But inside, she was ill
Her blood was poisoned with misfortune
But she held her secrets well
The little puppet never told, never spoke
She kept it to herself
Her friends did not cherish
What little time they had
They did not choose to cherish
Every breath she wished she never had
The day she said she’d had enough
She walked lonely in the park
“Take me now!” She hollered
“This fatal illness bestowed upon thee,
Is killing slowly me.”
He watched her kneel on the wet grass
And did nothing
As she pulled a pair of scissors from her
Empty pocket
And cut her puppet strings
And flew away
Then, she was gone.
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when we live we die, but when we die we live..

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