im buying a les paul jr (yes that hundred dollar piece of crap)
and i want that cheap ass pickup out of there.
can i put a normal dogear p90 in the humbucker slot on
the les paul jr?

yeah thanks.
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No, you'd have to get a humbucker-sized P90, like the Seymour Duncan SPH90 Phat Cat.
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^ AKA a P-94. Companies like Seymour Duncan, Rio Grande, and others make humbucker-sized soapbar pickups.
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i love the look of them.
well idk does anyone here own a 57 reissue?
is it worth it?
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tall metally disabled child
looking for similarlly tall metally disabled boy drummer
to play in his new band "penis strokers"
To be honest...

You're paying one and a half times extr, when you could just buy a p90 for less than the difference.

It won't look the same, and won't sound exactly the same, but it will be a single p90 in the bridge.
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I have the 57 reissue, very nice piece of kit. I bought it around October time and havn't looked back since. Although I have had to get an acoustic simulator as the pup sounds C*** on clean. I play punk mainly so its perfect for me, you get the set neck too. Solid construction and grover tuners make it very nice to play.
I think that if you want something good,save money for the ACTUALL Junior reissue,the one with the P90,it costs 200 bucks more.
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dont they sell that same guitar with a dogear?
MF search

nevermind, it must have been discontinued
so you are SOL
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I've never seen the Junior with a humbucker... Link plz?
Not much to see, really. Cheap Chinese Epi copy.

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And having the pickup above the cavity will make it WAY to close to the strings causing insanly unplayable high action.

I would just get the '57 reissue.
I was thinkin about modding a '57 reissiue but would have rather spent the 100 bucks that 250 but i guess the '57 will sound a lot better with mahogany instead of horse **** and a p-90 instead of that humbucker.