well, you won't be able to control your tone or volume
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^ Yes you can. It'll be alot harder to change your controls while playing, it'll hurt if you hit your hand into them, and you won't be able to see where they are set.

But it won't be bad for the guitar.
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its fine but as previously said you cant really adjust tone and volume quickly.

also dont do what i did.......went to take of the bridge pickup volume knob and pulled everything out with it!

take it slowly!!!

p.s. i if you do, you pliers of something not a headband
does he mean like taking the potentiometers out?
or just the knob...
cuz why would u just take the knob off???
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I think he thinks that looks cool... It doesn't ;P

anyway, it isn't bad for your guitar ksept you can't really control volume 'n tone anymore.
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Quote by pnoy_sk8er21
is this ok. i like it without them. any negative things about taking them off?

Other than making it more difficult to control, no. If you're concerned about your guitar's finish, be careful to pull these straight up.