Hey Guys, Ive been watching a few Joe Satriani DVD's and I really want to know how to pull those high pitch screams, he does a few in Satch Boogie where he seems to put his fingers near the pickups. Any Ideas?
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On you tube there is a video where Satch explains how to play surfing with the alien and he explains how to do those screams.
pinch harmonic most likely....pluck the string with the pick, but at the same time touch the string slightly with ur thumb (one using to hold pick). it's hard to explain, so search up a vid. btw....pinch harmonics have to be done at certain parts of the string (always near pickups) so u have to do them until u find that sweet spot.
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I think his hands are near the pickups also for muting all but the one string, its really hard to do if the strings arent muted.
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Pinch Harmonic on an open string, then whammy bar.

exactly, you pinch the harmonic exactly in the same place as you were in the 12th fret
Natural harmonics and the whammy bar, not pinched.
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Pinch an open string, then you ever so slightly but quickly push your whammy bar down a tiny bit then bring it back up with some power, then slowly come back down to normal. the reason for the pushing it down slightly at the start is as satch says "so that when you bring it up to the top of your squeel it sounded higher than it would if you just raised the bar straight away with the whammy in the normal position" well he says something like that anyway, i cant remember
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exactly, you pinch the harmonic exactly in the same place as you were in the 12th fret

Well, you could pinch it over the 5th, the 7th, etc.... wherever a natural harmonic would be on the neck, you would get a different pitch, not just the 12th.