I need advise that I'm sure no one here wants to take the time to give but here it is

sorry but I need a new bass guitar. I have a RBX170 now but its not cutting it anymore. I want something more vicious I guess you could say. All my favorite bands like Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Shadows Fall, and others use the SRX700 but I just can't afford that. I'm 16 right now and since I've been wrestling, I haven't been able to work any so about $400 is my budget. I want something cool and that would be appropriate for a metal band which I am in. I know a lot of people say it doesn't matter what it looks like or what brand it is and I agree, but I still would like something that is used by many of my favorite bass players. I really don't like Fender just because of personal expiernces but I like Ibanez, Warwick, and Johnson. Any suggestions?

btw I've had my eye on the SRX390 for $400. It looks cool but what do you think?
If you are willing to go used, you can PROBABLY find an SRX700 or SRX500 for under 400 bucks.
To be honest, I have a Bass that fits yoru description, it has a hard, deep, thrashy sound. And it even has some added versitility.

It is actually a Bass I made, I took teh body and the neck of some peice of crap Silvertone Bass, routered out a larger middle pickup cavity, tok out he old pickups, and put a new Musicman Style high output Humbucker with Alcino V pole peices, from Seymor Duncan.

Usually the best way to get EXACTLY the sound you want is to make the sound you want.

Oh, and jsut so you know, my Bass cost me about 260$ (150$ for the Bass and 110$ for the pickup)