yeah bassicly, what is about the right price for one on one guitar lessons with somebody that has a degree if they come to your house or you go to their house
"what are good intermediate classic rock covers?"
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alice in chains, stone temple pilots, led zeppelin, play rock and roll by zeppelin, thatll work well, maybe hendrix
and maybe war by meshuggah

Here in aus I think you get around $20 AU per lesson which is probably $10 your moneyz.

I like the prices the way they are.

where i live i pay 40 dlls a month (2 lessons per week) about 3 hours each =)!
i paid 10 - 12 bucks for 30 min, for 1 day a week. there really was no choice for me to go anywhere......and i took lessons at 2 different places.....one guy gave me theory and the other taught me techniques.
$18 for what is 'supposed' to be half an hour, but really goes for like 2 hours, sometimes even 3 its at his house, dad takes me, and he makes dad a cuppa tea and then dad goes nd watched TV or chats to my teachers missus
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I paid 45 PLN per lesson (45 min - 1h) which used to be like 13USD now its like 17USD
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22 bucks per half an hour.
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I think $20 for half an hour for me.

wow your in the states too. i pay 20$ canadian for a full hour.
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22 bucks per half an hour.

I pay the exact same...you from sydney?