The USA Splittail looks like a V and and SG had a kid.
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I heard that the Dean Dime Razorback is gonna cost around 2 grand.

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I doubt that Ebay one is real.

Also, they look cool, I like that split tail one, very orginal I suppose.
But what's annoying me is the way all the MLs are "Dime bla blah blah ML" when they aren't Dimebag signatures as he probably didn't even design said ML, the Razorbacks where made as tribute to Dime so them and the actually sigs should have them but not every spigging ML.

Also I'm annoyed at the lack of Vs with trems, and the price for one is stupid *Walks to Jackson*

Dean still kick ass mind
the usa razorback v has been out. not all these new ones are usa. new finishes too

and there are are razorbacks there that aren't usa, some are even bolt on, and a lot of LFR. I doubt they're 2k. ones even bolt on and stop tail

the 255's are 25.5 scale too. come with emgs
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Yeah, I'm a bit annoyed at the lack of trems on dean Vs too but apart from that, I love the finishes
So, see how it says winter '07? do you guys think that means coming out like, now, or like in a year in december?
I'm not racist.

I hate everyone the same.

meh, the razorbacks are junk, ive played the first USA razorback, and after seeing MAB play one, it sounded like utter shit. unbalanced, V neck, which i didnt like, if it was bigger, it would have been better, junky pups, shoddy trem, and for 2 grand? you are paying for a paint job.
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Sweet new Dime Razorbacks and ML's!
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