Well the title is a lie but now that your here I have been playing the etric. guitar for awhile now but I was wanting to redo the basics and I was wondering if any body knows some simple songs that I could master quick... I think I'm in a bored slump.

Simple chord songs power chord songs etc

Thanks Banana Split
well once you you've mastered a song wouldn't you be bored again? shouldn't you look for a challenge?
May cause death if user is an idiot.
How long is "a while?" You could learn to play some different styles of music.
Learn Battleheart's Nancy The Tavern Wench all the way through. It's easy enough, but there are some tricky bits.
Learn these 5 open chords, C, A, G, E, and D. Now barre 'em using these chord shapes. G and D shapes will be very difficult to barre BUT you can omit the bottom E or top E string depending which won't be missed and they'll be easy.

Now you can learn about the caged system. In there you'll find triads, inversions, scales, modes, pentatonics, as well as chords.

It won't be long that you can master the fretboard.
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I've been playing for like over two years but more serious playing the past year or so... I mainly stick to rock hard rock area I kinda touch country a little with like Cash but a challenge does sound like the right thing... What are some good styles that would led into more in depth skills

LOL I have a low attention spand so learning a whole new mechanic isn't to fun... I'm just looking for a little bit of skill progession but with a little fun