If you think it's Hawthorne Heights/My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy, or bisexual teenagers who have dead straight black hair and look mopey, then your dead wrong.

Rites of Spring? One Last Wish?
Braid? Mineral? Sunny Day Real Estate?

Does anyone know what i'm talking about? If you do, then there may yet be hope...
It's kind of funny how today's so called "Emo" bands, like Falloutboy, MCR, the such, all depend on children for their fan base.
Exactly. I think it's ridiculous how people seem to relate the word "emo" to danger, for example, people think somehow My Chemical Romance are dangerous, and that they are "emo", and as such that "emo" is dangerous, wheras it isn't at all.

Everytime I say a band is "emo" people automatically get put off.
People think "Emo" means self destructive, manic bi-polar, severely depressed.

Once again, thanks to sellouts and preteens.
Sometimes I think its funny, but in reality it can be quite damaging.

Its the same as the supposed "goth" thing of self harm, its just moved onto to the "emo" term. People tended to group the minority of "goths" who self harmed under the generalisation. I think its pretty stupid.
And, the sound of alot of songs by bands start to sound similar after a while aswell.
Most of today's music sounds alike anyways, ctb. Emo or not.

MEmmett, society will always find some sort of group to shove kids in and prosecute them. Makes the other kids feel better about themselves. Most of today's "goth" kids are claiming ot be "emo", because it's an easy excuse. Others just do it as an escape, because it's the latest fashion.
bands that are classed as 'emo' today like my chemcial romance or panic at the disco etc etc are being picked on becuase in reality it's a guy wearing makeup, singing about past relationships that have turned to shit combined with is just ****ing self harmonising chords and some powerchords. Theres basically no talent in these kind of bands, i'm not purposely bashing them cos they're 'emo' they just suck in general.

I think that people have found it cool to become 'emo' becuase it might be different? they think they can only resort to that for whatever reason, or they just dig tight jeans and red highlights. In turn it has become cool to bash emo's, it's the natural order.

having said that why the **** do they wear jeans that tight, that is just ridiculous
Hmm that is true Ishiga. I guess i'm annoyed mainly because they (My Chemical Romance etc) basically vandalised a genre of music I love. I guess it will always happen.

I don't know why they wear jeans that tight, preference I suppose. People (especially rockstars) have worn tight jeans in the past, I believe they were fashionable in the 70s.
this thread is stupid + i've seen it too many times.

you're in the emo forum. obviously the majority of people know what emo is about.

i would dig into you but you like elliott smith.

also just read the emo essentials page. there you'll see who knows about emotional hardcore's roots.
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wake me up when september ends makes me cry evry time!

emos forever
The whole tight jeans thing is another form of trying to bring emo back. The "different" hairstyles / colors, the tight clothes, the make up, it's all supposed to be a "re-vamped" retro look. Personally, I think it's disguisting. A little cover up is fine but all that red eyeshadow, making your face white as a ghost and fake as a plastic barbie, I can't stand it. It's pathetic, people can't even look like people anymore.

Tawermeister, I actually have to agree. Music has nothing to do with why people like bands like that anymore, and that's the sad truth. It's all about appearance, and in that genre, they fail. Quite miserably.

I personally just can't stand their music. I mean, I happen to rather enjoy Motion City Soundtrack. I saw them at warped with a vocalist with pink hair for the love of god. And I still like them. Appearances mean very little when it comes to music. At least, to me they don't. And they never should.
I think this thread moved on quite quickly from where it began. I think it's more about appearance in music in general.

I don't think it should have a lot to do with music, but sadly sometimes it does.
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Dig into me? Getting personal?

You may of seen it before but some people haven't. I'd like to make people aware. It's just healthy discussion.

If you don't like talking about it then you don't really have to come on this thread now do you.

i hope you realise this thread will most likely get closed?

seriously. i've been here a few years + this thread comes up like...every week? along with the idiots going "emo's gay".

if you want to talk about pre nineties + early nineties emo go to emo essentials. there's plenty there. there was also a thread a little while ago about older emo so search for it.
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wake me up when september ends makes me cry evry time!

emos forever
It probably will. In the end, it doesn't really matter, so don't get worked up about it.

If you've seen it a million times, it's likely it will continue.
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Then again appearance has affected a band's popularity since rock first began. Even in metal, such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Kiss, and the such. There weren't a whole lot of really popular bands back then that didn't go wild with their appearance. Sure, AC/DC was pretty norm. People loved them for their music, but that's one of very few.