The New World Order has been initiated
The New World Order
The New World Order
New World Order
The New World Order is

Swept Away- Cult of Decay

Nurtured to amend, to grow and defend
Full of Faith and Knowledge
The lucky 144,000 will be selected soon
Have you bought a ticket?
Is your name in the Big J's lucky dip?
It's time to get lucky

Swept Away byt the Cult of Decay
You've wasted 30 years and you won't get it back
ou've lost the lottery

Swept away by the New World Order

New World Order.

New World Order.

It's a punk song like real '77-'79 stuff
i like, sounds really punk-ish.. i got no crisitcisms for it
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I you 9_11_4, you like Chuck, Opeth, and don't mind porn, that = epic metul win.

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Ash, stop masturbating.
I'm sure if you put some music to that it'd be sick, it's got feeling.

But i still don't have a clue what it's about.
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