I want to upgrade my Strat with Lace Sensors, but not sure which colors to pick. I still want it to be able to do almost sounds as this Strat is my main learning guitar, but I prefer the fater, warmer sounds of the 70's Strats over earlier Strats. I don't need an ideal or perfect Strat sound, but I want to keep it "Strat-ish". I mainly play 70's & 80's Classic Rock. Here are some of my options, let me know what you think or provide your own suggestions...

1. Silver, Light-Blue, Red combo pack.

2. 2x Silver, Burgundy in the bridge(my own creation)

3. Hot Gold combo pack.

4. Power Sensors?

Any other suggestions?
My gear...

Samick Les Paul (AV6VB) Guitar w/ SD Alnico2/JB
Marshall AVT150H halfstack
Schecter Stiletto Elite-4 Bass
Ampeg BA112 Bass Amp