ok 2 warehouses collapsed 16 people died in both of em, man died from a falling tree just down the road from me ffs woman in manchester decapitated by flying metal debris and a girl in got hit by a flying tile in my school.
a girl in got hit by a tile?

Damn, that sucks! Hope you make it out ok.
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seriously? holy crap...

this must be the first time since the last ice age that scotland's having better weather than england i mean it was snowing today but other than that theres no wind and it's fairly sunny. yaaaaay!
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Warrington, not to far from me eh.
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I'm in the Netherlands but there have been a few casualties here as well from falling trees and debris. 16 Deaths in one town is a whole lot though, i think we've only had 2 so far in the entire country.

And earlier today there were still lots of planes flying over at low altitude (i work pretty close to the airport) and it was scary to watch them wobbling from left to right. It really looked like they could tip over any moment and crash right on top of us.

But right now i'm more concerned with how the **** i'm going to get back home.
Flying tile... That reminds me of Zelda.
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Flying tile... That reminds me of Zelda.

If they held R they would've survived.
lol, im from maryland, we havent gotten shit......its been like 60-70 degrees all winter...and i want out of skool, im blown
Shit! I'm from England too, walking home from school was pretty tough. The wind was so strong I could hardly breathe. Although it was kind of fun...

I'm just gratefull I didn't get hit by anythings, and I even walked under some trees that were creaking - and I saw a branch had already fallen off!
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Flying tile... That reminds me of Zelda.

Good call! Zelda ftw. On a similar note - I was at work today and 6 chimneys fell off a roof into the high street, a pane of glass fell out of a first floor window right next to a woman elsewhere in the high street, something fell off the new sainsbury's bulding site in m'head and broke one of my church windwows, and two metal tires crashed ontot he church site from another 60ft roof. Nice. We're all gonna die