Ok, so like many of you i've spent ALOT of money on stomp boxes, and to be honest I can't afford to spend much on the remaining pedals I desire.

I want Flange, I want some sort of phaser, and I want delay (although i'm prepared to pay decent money for that.)

I dunno how much i'd actually use phase or flange, so don't wanna spend a fortune on em.

So, my question, Danelectro and Behringer, is it worth goin down that road or should I wait til i can get a decent unit?
I'd say the Dano is decent.
I know a few people that own them and are happy with it.
I myself have the FAB D1. Fantastic sound for such a cheap pedal.
You don't really have anything to loose for that amount of money.
everyone seems to say that the Dano pedals are good, even Total Guitar gives them good reviews so i guess they musn't be too bad really
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I suppose it depends on your definition of "cheap". I recently bought an Ibanez FL-9 flanger on ebay for $50, a guyatone 7 band EQ for $45, so it's not hard to not spend $100 on a pedal. Buy used, buy a beat to hell one as long as it works.
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If I was in your situation and only had the money for either, I'd go with Danelectro. Honestly, consider saving your money until you can buy what you want. Or, you can learn the hard way by settling for crap. Maybe since you don't think you'd be using the flanger or phasor too much, a cheap Dan. wouldn't be a bad idea.
the danelectro overdrive pedal, was in guitar and bass magazines in the gear of the year issue, sayin although its advisable not to stomp on it, it ca produce some good fx, for the price of them its worth a try
if uve already spent a lot of money on good pedals dont just throw in a crappy non true bypass pedal and mess with your tone. if you are picky like me just wait until you can afford the pedal you want. if you want to buy a used pedal get it from a reliable source and try it out before buying. depending on what you want to play, i'd prob make the delay priority out of the 3 you listed. its tough to find a really good delay for cheap. if you want to get a good delay get an electro harmonix deluxe memory man. i think im going to get one as my first pedal unless i decide to put that money towards a new guitar.
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^The bypass on the Dano effects is pretty good IMO. Doesn't suck tone from my limited testing.

EHX pedals are great.
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How about this, rather than spending say $70 on a cheap flanger and phaser, find a used phase 90 on ebay. If you're not sure how much you're going to be using them, just get one. They do similiar things.
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I have an Ibanez Chorus/Flanger (CF-7) that's great. You should check one of those out, they're dirt cheap on ebay. And Ibanez do a pretty good phaser too.
ebay is not a great option for me, i live in the UK, and the used effects market on ebay is pretty small.

I have a roland microcube practice amp for my flat, was messing around with the effects on that, decided i would probs use flange if i had it, but not so much the phaser.

does any one have an opinion on the digitech digidelay? it seems like delay with the most capabilities for its price, i have a friend who loves his boss dd-6. any comments?
get a used DoD flanger. i have one, it is great, and it cost only $23 usd.

as for a phaser, i have heard that the mxr and EHX are good, but look into boss. since phasers are pretty digital i would trust a name like BOSS to my phaser.

for delay get a BOSS, an EHX, or something.
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