Anyone checked these out yet? some beautiful guitars, and good to see not too many 'Dimebag Sigs'. Still razorbacks, but no dime from hells, far beyond drivens...
anyone got any info on release dates online? any prices?
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I can't find any yet. I heard they won't have them in stores for a couple of weeks( thats what a guy at sam ash told me) but I'm not sure.
tbh Im not impressed, theirs nothing new their really!? Only guitar I actually like and havent seen is the Vendetta and the Micheal Angelo sig. the rest Im not crazy about.
Wait a day or two, I'm curious about what the Dave Mustaine sig is gonna look like. We'll know Friday at 1:00.
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Wait a day or two, I'm curious about what the Dave Mustaine sig is gonna look like. We'll know Friday at 1:00.

Dave Mustaine has gone to dean?
I didn't hear this news!?!
I actually think that Splittail looks kind of cool.
It's true, this stuff I make up.
I didn't see anything worth mentioning. Nothing that Dean hasn't done over and over. That split tail is gross. You better be a shredding machine if you take that on stage.

Also I think those giant winged headstocks are over the top. I remember Dean used to offer V's with a pointy headstock, that's something I'd like to see again.
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I love how the Splittail looks exactly like the guitar one of the guitar mags said that Zakk Wylde was designing. Only, I thought that was for Gibson....weird.
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Yeah dave mustaine sig will come soon too XD
(his ESP rocks so let's hope this one will too )

ive been wandering around that forum pretty much (deans)
because i wanna know when the god****in damn next shipment is coming to europe
(and Dean forum...is quite somewhat different then other forums...the dealers and people actually listen to ideas and shit)

I believe dean also made like a limited run of guitars because of an ammount of forum members wanting it =p

anyways....that Spittail...not sure imo it's like some Razorback ripoff but they want to give it their own ' dean swing ' instead of it being from Dime. (the design)

i did notice some new razorback (w/o Dimebucker and dean humbucker) but with EMGs 81 and 85 it doesn't have Dime on the headstock eh?
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whoa sg+v is something new.
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Cool, thanks Lagrance.

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Dave Mustaine has gone to dean?
I didn't hear this news!?!

It's not official yet, but having seen one of the "Exclusive Fan Club Photos!!!", mixed with the fact that both Megadeth.com and Deanguitars.com are hosting a webcast of a SPECIAL EVENTZORZ on Jan. 19 at 1:00 PM, I'm convinced.
I think they're announcing the new guitar for Mustaine at the NAMM show.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.
i dont like sg's but that v/sg split tail is awsome! i also like the razorback v two tone. the mach 7 and custom zone are fugly. oh and the hardtail double neck is kinda pretty too.
I think the split tail looks cool. It would look especially cool in a vintage cherry red.
The razor back design seems to be a bit like marmite; people either love it or hate it.
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