alright heres what im looking to sell taking offers...no stupid ones......(must pay shipping)

~marshall combo amp. mg100dfx(100watt)-offer (willing to trade)
its in great condition, i dont think theres a mark on it, never left my house...

~acoustic esteban guitar w/foam case- offer (willing to trade)
yes in good condition i believe theres a few scratches on the back of the body...but other than that its in decent condition.

~~~~will have pics up when i get my buddys camera~~~~
how much are u willin 2 sell ur amp 4 nd hw much will shippin b cos im in u.k
thnx man
Does the marshall have a footpedal? A place for one?

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Quote by guitarsuperman2
nahhh no pedals...lookin for cash. for marshall i kno i need a decent amount...prolly roudn 450 accepting trades to...all depends

A used one sells for around $250-300
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