I am wondering what amp i should get. I am wanting a one with a good distortion and a footswitch. any ideas
Haha :P

im totally kidding.
try a laney, the distortions pretty sweet on there
what style you going for??
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i dont think u even realised what an insanely huge question u just asked...

we need to know

A) the style of music u play
B) how much wana spend
C) what kind of place ull be playing it
D) what u want out of ure amp in terms of onboard extras
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well, i play a variety of music but i want the amp to be able play from a very clean sound to a sound along the lines of trivium. i'd think id be able to get up to 200 quid. i will be playing in my house or in my mates garage. any ideas now???
In other words he wants a practice amp with a clean tone and strong overdrive.

I guess money isn't an issue.
He wants an uber clean amp that can also go into uber distortion along hte lines of trivium. He has around 200 quid. And it will be used for practice.

I think waht your asking is impossible. With that much money you either have to choose to sacrifice your cleans or dirtys a bit, becuase you won't find a erefct amp that will do them both magically for that amount.
hmmm difficult to get anything trivium sounding for that kinda price, i guess ure best bet might be a spider 2/3?

if u really want a trivium style distort channel with sweet cleans i suggest u draw out a mortgage and take a look at powerballs and cobras
Roland Cube
Vox Valvetronix

or for valve erm Laney LC-15?
these are all just suggestions - make sure you try them out.
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