First post. :P So, hello everybody! I want to show you my song, that I've made in "Power tab". It's my first song. I mean... first WHOLE song. Before this, i've made only single riffs. I think it's pretty good. Check it out. It's in MIDI and PTB format. It's a hard rock/metal song. (metal or not metal, judge by yourself)

Ps. If something is wrong in my english, i'm sorry... polish is my language, and my main language in school is german. :P
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it's not bad, it needs some work, the best way i can describe what you need to do with it is maybe do something to it to keep me interested, something unexpected and more complex? That's just my opinion tho, the fact you've managed to write your first full song is a great achievement and being brave enough to share it on ultimate guitar is pretty cool

btw your english is perfect, better than a lot of people who speak english natively.
Wow, it's pretty good for a first song, I was impressed. Do I sense a Metallica influence? The only thing wrong is that it felt sort of off time in some parts, unless that was intentional. The solo felt very Kirk Hammett-ish. I liked, 8/10.
That was impressive, especially the solo. 9/10. The only thing is the bars need to be tidied up so everything is in time.