I'm thinking of buying a new guitar. The kind of sound I'm looking for is a bit like strokes, bloc party or belle&sebastian.

Anyone got a clue of what i should go for?

Sadly,I have a quite limited budget.
what do you have at the moment and how limited?

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Well, the rhythm guitarist from the Strokes plays Epiphone semi-hollow bodies with P90's...
The lead guitarist from the Strokes plays mostly Strats...

Both guitarists in Block Party play Fender Telecasters...

Dunno what the guys in Belle and Sebastian play...Never listened to them.

I think either a Fender Telecaster or an Epiphone Casino are a good bet. I love the Casino myself. Think I'm gonna get one in Natural Finish one of these days./

A Casino, brand new, will run ya up 600...You can find a Squire Tele for 200. Not as good as a Fender...but they're alright.
Right now I'm using an Ibanez AV1. I don't want to spend more than 500. Maybe I should try finding something on second-hand?

I'd say a mexi Tele would be the right place to look. Cheap to buy, plentiful worldwide, a nice one will play well and leave plenty of room to upgrade electronics and pickups.
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^Yes. That is a great suggestion, and I wholeheartedly support it. Telecasters are like, *the* indie guitar.
an epiphone dot works great its $400, so its a very nice budget guitar for indie
my tele is great too just get a standard from fender, they're very versatile, and very durable, transporting it in the back of the van with all the other shit is a sinch
I dont think there is a definitive Indie guitar, but a Telecaster comes very close.

Especially for Bloc Party kind of stuff.
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Thanks for your advice. I'll take a trip to the store to try some out. Hope i find something I like!
Nick Valensi from the strokes has a dot, though he changed the pickups for some P-94, the dot is cool i think..
^I have the Dot and it is cool. The pickups suck, though.

I too will suggest the Telecaster.
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