is there any way to get my computer speakers to work.they just stopped working all the sudden but everythings connected.i think the hardwares bad.does anyone know somewhere i could maybe download the hoardware/software for my speakers?????
Are they actually on? And set to an actual volume? Is the computer on mute?
If you answered yes to 1&2, and no to 3, then I can't help.
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Check the back of the PC, there is usually 3 inputs. Line in, microphone and speakers. Most likely you have put it into the wrong one or it is not in correctly. Another thing, may sound stupid but people do it, if you have a sound card, make sure they are plugged into the speaker port of the sound card and not the on-board sound. Check the volume and goto my computer and check the sound properties etc. If you got software with your speakers, you may need to re-install the drivers or download newer drivers.