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if you were to have a signature guitar built for you by any company, what would it be like?
im talking about EVERY thing, the paint, the wood, the pickups, etc.

heres mine:
Gibson Les Paul Custom (mahogany body, maple cap, blah blah, rose wood frets, etc)
Silverburst finish
Brass nut
Seymour Duncan Jazz Model-Neck }with chrome cover
Seymour Duncan Custom-Bridge }with chrome cover
push/pull knobs, with coil splitting
locking input jack
locking chrome tuplip shape tuners
nickel tune-o-matic bridge

make sure to use your imagination!
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Hello Kitty Guitar, made by Encore, EMG pickup (only one of them!) no tone control and an Edge 3 tremolo system.

/this thread
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wow....that sounds like a horrible guitar....

at least you used your imagination.
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A Jackson DKMG in the midnight black finish.
All hardware Black!
Original Floyd Rose.
Ibanez Wizard Neck.
Mother of Pearl Custom Inlays.
EMG 81/ Seymour Duncan Single Coil/EMG 85
Hipshot Tuners.
Strap Locks.
Locking Jack.

Bodacious Bob

Schecter Omen 7 Extreme
Ibanez RGR08LTD BK
Behringer TU-100
EHX Metal Muff
Boss MT-2
GLX EQ-100
Marshall VS15

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B.C. Rich Virgin body style made with Flame maple wood in Transparent Black
B.C. Rich Widow Headstock
Ibanez Wizard 2 neck
"Raise the Dead" on the 12th fret inlay
Evil Eyes Inlays
Emg 81/85
Original Floyd Rose
All hardware black

...that would be cool...
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wow....that sounds like a horrible guitar....

at least you used your imagination.

it was the worst thing i could think of

for my sig guitar id probably have

Fender Fat Strat
All Maple neck
Punk pink finish
Floyd Rose Trem
Chrome hardware
Seymour Duncan Invader - Bridge
Fender Noiseless - Neck & Middle
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Gibson Flying V body with Fender style SSS pickup configuration. I'll have to build that one some day. I love the flying V look. Since I was a little kid my dad raised me on 80's rock and I remember seeing that guitar and saying I want one... Ever since then I've always wanted a flying V, but I just got a Squier Strat and I just love the SSS pickup configuration.

Ohh and deep purple color with a very dark, or black fretboard... I don't know a bunch about guitars yet so I have no clue on woods for it...
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mine would be a sunburst strat with full maple neck except it would be negative with 2 point trem locking tuners and some seymour duncan pickups
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Ibanez RG with Zebrano Top and Swamped Ash Body and Sides, Swineshead Venom Neck and Bridge with Zebrano covers, and a Dragonfly Single With Zebrano cover, Edge III Bridge, 2 Volume, 2 Tone, PRS Rotary Switch, all handmade Zebrano Hardware, as in Tuners, Tone Knobs, and a Scratchplate made from a different grained block of Zebrano, All Brazillian Rosewood Neck and the Jem Rose Inlays

that would be my dream guitar, i would never need another guitar
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Ugh i can't remember the name, but it's a White Peavey strat style with a black pickguard dimarzio's all round
Umm 'tis a hard one but I have to say Ibanez RG HSH pickups Dimarzio EVO HS-3 and PAF Joe Edge pro trem alder body wizard II neck resoewood fretboard.
Randy Rhoads Flying V shape- mahogany body with flame maple top
BC Rich Widow headstock(or the one on syn gates custom guitar)
Grover locking machine Heads
Sharkfin inlays
ebony or rosewood fretboard w/24 frets
mahogany neck(has to be set neck or through neck)
orgininal floyd rose double locking trem
Neck pickup- Duncan Jazz or '59 Bridge Pickup- Duncan JB/Custom or a Barenukle Nailbomb(both with Burnt Chrome covers)
Chrome hardware
Push-Pull coil splitting
Dunlop Straplocks
Locking Jack
3 way selector
ernie ball strings

cant think of a finish yet, might edit it
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Fender Custom '72 Telecatser (black)
Seymour Duncan Humbuckers (x2)
ummm....ernie ball super slinky?
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My sig would be either:

Gibson Les Paul
Blue Burst
Flame Maple Top, Mahogany Body
Rosewood Fretboard
Chrome Hardware
Tune-o-Matic Bridge
SD Dimebucker - Bridge
SD '59 - Neck (Zebra)
Cream Binding
Cream Pickup Rings
Abalone Sharkfin Inlay
2 Volume, 2 Tone


BC Rich Mockingbird
Blue Burst
Flame Maple Top, Mahogany Body
Rosewood Fretboard
Chrome Hardware
Tune-o-Matic Bridge
SD Dimebucker - Bridge
SD '59 - Neck (Zebra)
Cream Binding
Cream Pickup Rings
Abalone Sharkfin Inlay
2 Volume, 2 Tone
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3 peice (mohagany, ash, mohagany) Satin black Jackson soloist body and string thru (if not already)

Custom bridge (2 way hipshot, low e string 3 way w/ fine tuners)

EMG 81, 85, and 60 pups with the toggle switch not the stupid ibanez blade switch.

2 volume, 2 tone controls.

Ebony wizard II neck through with rosewood stripe.

Grover tuning pegs and Elixer nanowebs.

slanted 22/26 (meaning the low e string has 22 frets, the high e string has 26 and blah in between) Jumbo frets on a indian rosewood fretboard.

Schaller Straplocks.

all hardware chrome.

Price: $3,750
Made by Jackson

And i wont even play it on stage....ill play a
Gibson Explorer body with cut down edges, dark natural finish with scratches, set of emg-80's floyd rose trem. vibrato arm teh works my friends!
Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960
Engl Powerball 120 Watt
Orange PPC212 Cabi
ISP Decimator
MXR 10-band EQ
Boss OS-2
I'd have two signature models

Fender DKCaster
- 24 Frets
- Mahogany
- Flamed Maple
- Small Frets
- Perloid Inlays (LP Style)
- Neck + Bridge = Duncan Hot rails
- Middle: Some form of EMG
- Floyd Rose bridge system w/ Double locking nut
- Would be some sort of blue finish

Gibson DK
- 22 Frets
- Mahogany
- Flamed Maple
- Desert gold finish
- x2 PAF pickups
- Tune-O-Matic bridge
Gibson ES-335
Maple Top With Tobacco Sunburst finish
57 Pickups, Open coil
Cream binding on both body and headstock
Black Speed knobs
Chrome Hardware, pretty standard stuff.
Bigsby Tremolo
Custom Inlays for the fretboard

Yes please.
flying V body(of my own desine)
Widow head stock
Ibanez Wizard neck
floyd rose trem
no inlays exept a bar on the 12th fret
DiMarzio super 2- neck
Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader - bridge
two vol, two tune
every thing black
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actually i changed my mind.

i would take a first act and trick it out with a single coil from a old beat up squier bullet. then id put a banjo neck ont it, put some bass strings on it and call it a day.
Gibson Les Paul with...

Trans Amber Maple top
Seymour Duncan SH-55 Seth Lover Humbuckers or DiMarzio Bluesbucker DP163 and DP163F
Standard tuners
Standard Bridge
Standard everything else
member #3 of the Les Paul owners club, pm Waterboy799 to join

Gibson Les Paul Std Trans Amber
Gibson Les Paul Std P90 Gold top
Gibson Les Paul 1968 Custom V.O.S.
1980 Chiquita Travel Guitar
Fender 2006 Anniversary
Ashdown Fallen Angel stack.

Les Paul

Mahogany body
Mahogany 60’s profile neck
Ebony fretboard
Locking tuners
Zero point Floyd Rose tremolo
EMG 81/60 combo
2x volume and master tone control
3 way selector switch
Black binding


Alder body
Maple neck
Ebony fretboard
22 fret neck
2x soapbar p90’s
Bigsby tremolo system
Locking tuners
Master volume and master tone control
3 way selector switch
Black binding
My Musical attempts

My youtube music channel

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Ash body
Compound radius 24-fret maple neck with rosewood inlays
Single Bill Lawrence L500XL pickup
Tone and Volume controls
Jackson King V
Transparent Red Paint
Floyd Rose Original Bridge
Jb and Jazz Model Pickups
Celtic Cross Fret Markers
Two Volume Knobs with coil Splits
One Tone Knob with .22 Capacitor and Series switch
A Wizard Thickness neck with a rosewood fretboard with 24 frets
Mahagony body and Mohagony Set Neck
Stereo Input Jack
Gotoh SG38 Tuners
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pretty much my ibanez s470 with a few mods

for example Emg 81/85 and a fender lace sensor in the middle and a chaos pad fitted to it for the crazy shit!
Gibson SG (Heavily modded)
Fender USA Strat
Hohner 12 String-uber rare

Fender Silverface Twin

EHX Big Muff
Digitech badmonkey overdrive
Boss DS-1
Blackstar Distortion X
Dunlop Crybaby
Ibanez Delay
Digitech Whammy
Fender Cyclone
Seymour Duncan SH-PG1 in the bridge
S.D SHR1 in the neck
Black, white pickguard.

I'm easily pleased
My Gear

Epiphone Les Paul Special II
Squier Fat Strat
Marshall Valvestate 65 watt

Where do you get those above pics? they look like the Kiesake ones, but they only have the Strat/Tele/Wolfpack ones...

Anyway, I have 2:

6 String
Les Paul Body
White Coloring
Emg 60/81 Combo
LP Bridge w/ top locking nut
Mahoghany Construction
Set Neck

7 String
Ibanez Universe Body
Reddish-Black Coloring
Emg 60/81 Combo
Floyd Rose II Bridge
Mahoghany Construction
Set Neck
Tuned A E A D G B E
1 3-way switch, 1 volume, 1 tone
Ibanez Gio GSR100 w/ SDs

Acoustic B200
Ibanez RG 2550(2007 one)
H-S-S setup though

Bridge: Air Zone
Middle: Red Velvet
Neck: Red Velvet

All black hardware, and pickguard.
Custom Bloodline Inlay and last 4 frets scalopped,
Custom Hellsing Alucard paint.
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esp eclipse
flat black
gold or aged white binding on body, neck and head
on the gold binding model there would be gold hardware, on aged white, black hardware
locking tunes, locking hardtail bridge
emg 81/60 pickups
I would have two.

Guitar 1

Manufactured by Dean/Jackson/ESP

King V shape, slightly smaller lower horn
Mahogany body
Ebony Fretboard with White binding
24 Fret, Wizard radius neck
OFR bridge
Reverse Sharkfin Inlays
White body with Black bevels.
Seymour Duncan JB pickups OR EMG 81/60
Reverse Jackson headstock with black binding
Black Hardware

Guitar 2

Manufactured by Gibson/ESP
Les Paul body
Mahogany body
Ebony Fretboard
22 Fret, Wizard radius neck
Tune-o-matic bridge
Trapezoid Inlays
White body with Black binding
EMG 81/60 pickups
Standard Gibson headstock
Black Hardware
Grover Locking tuners
~ My Gear ~

Gibson Les Paul Studio in Alpine White with EMG 81/60
Fender Stratocaster
Marshall DSL401
Boss Metal Zone MT-2
Boss Super Overdrive SD-1
Boss Noise Suppressor NS-2
Digitech RP80
Samson Wireless
Fender Champions Series 30
My S470 with:

Gibson dirty fingers bridge pickup

SSL-2 vintage flat single coil

SH-2 jazz model neck pickup

in black with gold hardware.

EDIT: almost forgot the 24 frets.
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Ibanez Les Paul Shape

Original Floyd Rose Bridge
High Grade Mahogany Body
Maple Neck
H H Pickup Config - Bridge = Emg, Neck = Duncan
Coil Tapping
Inverted Headstock
Black Binding
And who could forget built in fuzz factory and kaoss pad (lol)
Les Paul
Mahogany body
Aged sunburst/tobbaccoburst
Aged white pickguard
Dimarzio Norton/Air Norton
Trapezoid inlays
Ibanez Prestige neck
Rosewood fretboard
Mine would be a lefty fender jaguar, 1966 lake placid blue with matching headstock,alder,small frets,dimarzo pafs in the neck (white),and a dimarzo distortion in the bridge(white),Dark aged ebony or rosewood,with clay dots,(dots),tune o matic bridge,