In contrast to that metal song I posted a few days ago, here's a Jazz piece I wrote yesterday.

Would love some critique. I'm thinking of adding some lead guitar to Theme A, although it may sound too cluttered if I do. We'll see. Ideally this song would have vocals, so I may scratch the lead guitar idea all together.
i like it, can't say i listen to jazz much but its pretty good, personally i don't think this should have any vocals but a more varied bass line, a bass solo would be quite cool.
wow, this is really good the only complaint i can make is the bass is kind of simple, and in a lot of jazz the bass is pretty complex. And some of the little guitar fills would have sounded better if you had used more varied rhythms, like 16th note runs every now and then. But thats just my opinion, and you may have put the slow fills for a reason. crit one of my songs? there in my sig.
some nice chord progressions. get a lead guitar in there. I like it alot. with a good lead guitar, this could get a 9/10 maybe even a 9.5/10 (i haven't ever given a ten). You got some talent. Mavbe add a piano? oh and drums to finish it off. only thing. add more complex bass

crit mine
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Heh, If only I actually played bass. This is about as complex as it'll get for right now.

Thanks for the suggestions so far, i'll keep them in mind.