Big Muff vs. Boss Blues Driver. wich one would be better for pink floyd covers?
im pretty sure dave gilmour used a big muff, so off the top of my head id go for that. but remember that nothing can ever beat actually trying them for yourself.
big muff,and dave gilmour does use it it just sits in his rack and hes got the huge ass pedal board that operates all his stuff
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for normal blues youd want an OD but Gilmour generaly uses fuzz pedals, and has been known to use vintage big muffs (which sound a bit different than the current ones.
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Well, one's an overdrive, and one's a fuzz.

I have both, and they're COMPLETELY different pedals, the BD2 can't do anything the Muff does and visa versa.

But a Muff for Floyd stuff.
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