Anyone ever read this / these books - Fretboard Logic Box Set, by Bill Edwards.

Considering getting it; wanted some opinions.

it goes all as vertical illustrations without tabs or notations, but it seems good and full.
i personally use (and favor) "Chords and Scales for Guitar" by Blake Neely and Jeff Schroedl and "Rock Guitar Secrets" by Peter Fischer.
Yes. I got it when I got my first guitar. I've learned things that I'd never found out about if I just tried to teach myself. For learning the fretboard I havn't seen anything better. Also, Edwards shows the relationships between chords and scales in an easy to understand way. I'm way ahead of the learning curve thanks to this set. Hope this helps.
Yea man, this thing, if used properly, will set you YEARS ahead of the learning curve! Now I fiddle-farted around for too long and thus am a bit behind, but in picking this back up I'm begining to learn my modes and move forward again. I only have the SE Book, but it's definatly better than most any other book, book set, or dvd/vhs out there! I doubt anything else is better to learn "guitar mechanics" from. The price is chump change compared to what it would cost you in years of lessons and the barage of books out there, and the years of practicing and gigging it would take you to learn some of the ideas presented within. Definatly a must have for any guitarist serious about his/her guitar !
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