My friend has given up his electric guitar and is selling everything apart from this one pedla he has asked if i wanted it for 10 quid.

but what would it do to my bass sound?
i think is a chorus pedal
is there any point buying it off him?

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I wouldn't do it because you definately won't get the same sound as you would if you bought a bass pedal.
For a tenner, why not? Lots of people like chorus on bass. If you don't like it you'll probably get your money back on ebay.
and it says on the pedals website it can be for keybord,guitar,bass so its not just for guitar :P

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try it. i did have a DOD stereo chorus, and it sounded nice on my bass
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I love using chorus with my bass, i always use my guitarists and really need to buy one myself. Those pedals are £15 new aren't they?
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they copyed from thebosspedals which are 55 quid but they cost 15 :P

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I reckon go for an ACTUAL bass pedal as it might not pick up the low notes as well; a lot of guitar pedals aren't designed for it.
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i think i will work fine
as i have lots of low bass setting on my head :P

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thanks guys
unfortnatly he fogoto to put it in his bag to give to me today
so hes giveing it to me on monday
and if i like it im buying it off him tuesday

im the mean time i have spear time to get more members on my guitar forum hehe

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