Hi. I can type pretty well when I'm not playing any open strings, but I went to learn the tapping section of Always with me always with you and whenever I tap a note, say, 12th fret B string, when theres an open string, it gives off an ugly (combonation?) of sounds. How can I avoid this, but still be able to tap riffs like this?


Is there any other way to do it other than mute the string, tap the twelve, pull off, mute the string, tap the 9, etc.? That way seems to take to be a little difficult, and I have trouble keeping it up to speed.
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for songs like that i just hit the note and pull off... i dont hit the string that hard so it doesnt give feedback.
Yeah, you don't need to tap that. Just pull off and hammer on.
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A combination? I think I know what you mean. I assume you're not playing when plugged into an amp?

Well, it's a string; if it vibrates, it makes noises, on both sides of the string. If you tap, especially onto an open string, it'll vibrate both towards the bridge, and the nut. Don't worry about the other sound with the string behind your finger, it won't be picked up by either the acoustic sound hole, or the pickups.