Today at band practice I was experimenting with feedback on my amp (I'm "new" to this and it always makes me feel good when i get a note to feedback )

and so i put my guitar facing the amps speaker and turned my wah on and the wah seemed to control what note it fedback on... so it sounded like a shrieking out of tune whammy pedal when i moved the wha up and down. I though it was great but unfortunately my band mates didnt.

Anyway, does anyone know how this might work, or any experience with thing like this...?
Prince does that at live shows. Makes little melodies and stuff out of it.
Yeah, the wah works by (basically) controlling the frequencies of your guitar, so it probably works in the same manner when using it with feedback.

Another cool trick is to plug you guitar and amp in "backwards" to your wah pedal (input to out, guitar to output) and working with the pedal.
I do that a lot, fun for me, not so much for band members.
Whammy bar with it too
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