Ok, I was in my Team Sports exam today and when I caught a football I bent back my middle finger really bad. The middle joint is the main one that got bent back. That was at 10:30 this morning, and it still hurts when I move it. Nothing to painful, but when I tried to play guitar it was fine for a few minutes, then started hurting like it did when it first got bent.

Should I get it looked at? Or just let it rest for a day or two?
Compare it to the finger on the other hand. It's probably swelling loads. Happened to me several times. Unfortunately, there is no other medicine for it other than painkillers (if you feel you really need them) and rest. It meant I couldn't play guitar properly for a few weeks

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When you're in pain, try a doctor.

he's right, in here i think they're gonna make you feel even worse.
tell you to do everything you shouldn't, where do you think the buttsecks thread came from? poor boy is most likely traumatized forever.
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Yeah, had it happen, I think it technically called "stone finger" or something like that, basically it'll swell like a bastard and become stiff and unbendable (hence the stone).

The best thing to do is make a brace for it or something to prevent movement or further agitation to the tissues to promote faster healing.
just rest it, you have staved your finger, and it will swell up like hell.

ice it a little and you will not be able to play for a few days, maybe a week
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get it looked at...
i did that once..its probably like sprained or rly badly jamned..
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It's just jammed most likely. You should be fine, just don't move it too much or anything.
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Thing is, it hasn't swelled at all since 6 hours ago, or changed color, and i can still fully move it, it's just kinda slow and painful.

Weird. I think it took about a day to swell up. It just pulled your finger back much more than it should, then it seemed normal, right? Leave your finger alone for a while. If tis swollen, it means that it's the same as what I had. If not, I reccomend you see a doctor

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I've broken two fingers. The first I had looked at and they took me off sports and bandaged it up for a couple of weeks (I even had a sling for a day, which was a little over-egging the pudding). The second I just ignored really. I strapped it every now and then, but continued to play sports. Now, the first finger is all fine and dandy and the second has a small bulge on the knuckle.