needs revision for the 2nd character.

Ohhhhh Annie Hall. I'm Lost In Your Character's Relationships

Fat wallet on my desk top
And my mind clock all ****ed up
Is it one, two, three hours
Until I need to get up
And actually wake up?
Strap the digital landscape
To the dreamer's mind ribbon.
Pull over a criminal
And ask him over for coffee.

His name will be Peter
And he will wear
A two piece suit
With a piss stained collar.
And when you aren't looking
[Or paying 100% attention to his sticky, sticky fingers]
He will pollute your room.
Drag hell up to heaven,
His spotty record flaming laden.
And his hands between your venetian's.
Stealing light from your sun.
Playing practical jokes on your goldfish.
Sticking cling-film over your toilet.
Swapping your toothpaste with deep-heat.

All this going on
While you're pouring him
A soft blend of
Winter's nuts and Oxford crisp
And humming the theme-tune
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