Hey i was wondering what multi-effect should i get? I have tried the ME50, i thought it was great, however i have not tried the Korg. So i was wondering if anyone could give me their opinions on which one to buy.

Cheers Cjb Scotland
I love the ME-50. I think it is simple to use and sounds awesome.
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(what else do i need)

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I'm using my ME-50 now
It's a great pedal!
Make sure you get a PSU though as it tends to eat batteries
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I'd go with the Korg over an ME-50. If you like Boss distortion, I'm sure you could find a used GT-6 in that same price range. The AX3000G is very versatile, you can check out clips on Korg/ToneWorks site that are actually accurate.
I own the Korg AX3000G, it's great! I highly recommend it.

I've heard that the Boss ME-50 is quite slow switching between patches which could be a problem dure gigs if you were using live. You should definitely try them both out first and decide for yourself.
i personally love my korg ax3000g. its very versatile, but it does take a little getting used to. At first i found it hard to get a good distorted sound out of it, but i worked with it, and tweaked this and that, and now in addition to some pretty sweet distorted sounds, i have pretty useful eq'ing skillz to go along with it ::thumbs up::

all of the common effects (reverb, chorus, flange, phaser, wah) work great, and all the specialized ones produce really interesting results (stuff like filtron, talk mod, etc.)