Ibanez RG321, or Epiphone Les Paul 100? I am a beginner, and am looking for something that will last me a couple years. I like the tone of the Les Paul, but i have heard Ibanez is also good. I mostly play rock, metal, and am going to start blues? What do you guys think. I don't know if this makes a difference, but the Ibanez is $30 more. Thanks,
i would go with the ibanez but thats just personal prefernce. they are both nice.
if your going to get an epi les paul get at least a standard, the lp 100 is Terrible (my cousin lent me his when i started). the 321 isnt too bad i guess they're pretty good for versatility.
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whats your spending limit?
do you want single coils? humbuckers?
fixed bridge? floating bridge?
22 frets? 24 frets?

Well, my spending limit is about $320 in Canadian. The Les Paul is $290, and the Ibanez is $320. I want a fat tone, so I want humbuckers. I have no idea what a fixed or floating bridge is.(Explain please). The amount of frets deosn't really matter to me, but I guess 24 would be nice. I am kind of leaning towards the Les Paul right now, because I think it suits my playing style better. (plus, its $30 cheaper, and I'm a cheapass lol).
ibanez are a piece of shit at that price, but the les paul 100 is also a piece of shit. my advice would be save up and then get a better epi les paul (mine cost around 600 or so and is a pretty damn good guitar).
I got a lefty les paul 100, i don't like it, so i went with a fender mexican strat,it's more for blues,so get the ibanez
The Ibanez RG321MH is a very good guitar for it's price. Mahogany body, wizard II neck and two humbuckers. I would go for that over the LP-100, they are not too good IMO.

Fixed bridge is a bridge were it has a fixed position. It won't move, so you can't do any whammy / tremelo stuff. Another name is hardtail.

Floating bridge is a bridge that is floating, used with guitars with a whammy bar. If it's floating, it can allow you to raise and lower the pitch of the note you're playing. Look up double locking trems as well... I can't be bothered explaining :P
i dont like the lp-100.

in the epi chain it's pretty bad.
either save a little more for a studio epi, or go with something else.

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