Okay, its my first guitar with a floating trem and I just wanted to make cautionary steps b4 I do something stupid...

My guitar came in standard tuning from the factory and I would like to tune it back again(in standard tuning) after some time to keep it in-tune.... So is it safe to go ahead and tune the guitar without worrying about the bridge goin bonkers?

Do I have to unlock something on the nut or something from the bridge b4 i tune the guitar ?

How bout if I wanted to do some low-tunings? Is it safe to go ahead and do them on a floating-trem?

Anyone who is sure and knows this kind of stuff please help.
im pretty sure you tune, then lock the nut. i've only heard this but never tried, cos i dont have a locking nut. i don't think low tunings are safe because ive heard it sengds your guitar out of tune easily, and is a real bitch to tune back up.

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AHH your first floating tremolo.
magical arent they.

always unlock the nut before you tune, if not, then you arent doing anything at all.

i suggest not tuning to lower tunings, such as "drop c" (drop d and a step down)
until you are comfortable with your tremolo
it wont cause problems
but you will have to adjust the springs in the back

have fun
whats your trem?

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your intonation will go CRAZY bad if you do drop tunings with a floating bridge.
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if its not to far off of standard tuning thn use the fine tuner near the bottom of the trem. otherwise, unlock, tune, lock and fine tune
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