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So i've seen these going for 49 quid (£. Worth getting for cleans etc and just because it's so small and cheap?
Would it be your main amp? I'd get one as a backup amp/backup power amp since they are so cheap.
ok, i have a powerblockhead completely useless, its ok if you main amp head weighs a hell of alot. but reali, dont buy it, it has no power, no distortion, the cleans are very bland. I sold mine for 85 bucks, how much i 45 E anyway?
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Where did you see them for £49? I wanted to buy one or two becuase they're stereo.
i have one and use it as a backup, it can do wonders in a pinch with a good modeling processor.
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I've seen the Powerblock for about $79 at Guitar Center lately. If I needed a backup power amp, it would be one of my top choices.
hay get one they are meant to be great value for money im gonna get one from soundcontrol need to try it out tho
don't get it for distortion, nor should you get it for cleans. The cleans need some pedals to sound decent. If you've got a preamp or something, it could sound ok if you used the line in. I use it to power a mixer at practice, since out old poweramp broke down.
I think the point of it is to link it up with something like a Pod, thats why theyre selling it bundled with the Pod for £150.
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