i admit it, ive been slacking. i dont think ive practiced my guitar, i mean actually sat down and practiced, in a couple monthes. i still play at my church band twice a week, but still, i need to get back into it. ive been playing for about a year and a half, so i was wondering, what do i need to be practicing? what things do i need to be practicing to get back into playing. i dont know much about scales or improvising/playing lead licks, but i am pretty good at chords. so what should i be practicing? i need as much detail as possible if you dont mind. thanks a lot for the help.
you said it........scales. Scales are to a lead guitarist what chords are to a rythym guitarist. You need them both because they are very important. Also, this can be boring stuff if your trying to get back into guitar so just play some music you like and fun songs aswell.
i always suggest practicing everything, more so, practice things you aren't very good at or don't yet know how to do. say your classical chops suck (im not saying they do, just an example) practice playing classical style. same thing goes for tapping, sweeping, trem picking, pretty much anything that can be done on the guitar. i also recommend writing some little 1 or 2 measure musical pieces that focus on the technique you are working on (as opposed to unmusical practice like the 1234 chromatic exercises) so that its more fun and rewarding to hear what you are playing. also exposing yourself (thats right, expose yourself, on the front lawn, after the 3rd 12 pack...... j/k of course) to different kinds of music you enjoy, do you like latin? jazz? country? blues? bluegrass? alt rock? hip hop? find something that you like that you wouldn't normally listen to (for me it was rap for the longest time, then i started listening to some stuff dr. dre does and now i love just about anything that man touches)