Okay, well, I've had an accoustic guitar for a while and I got an electric one for Christmas. I love it so much! I was just looking to know is there any songs that are well known and extremelly easy to play, preferably ones with guitar solos and stuff in it. I know all the basic chords (D,G,A,F,Em,Am,C,etc..) and I'm still learning so if anyone knows any good songs, please share them, thanks
If you know how to do power chords, i rkn you will cos there quite easy but well you could do About A Girl by Nirvana.

What sort of music do u like.
I'm really into Rock,Punk Rock,Metal kind of music. Thanks for the song advice I got some great ones. I've learnt how to do many Blink182 and Green Day ones, also Avril Lavigne, but I'm more into fast songs, and I'm still learning the deal with tabs...
Lithium by Nirvana, or drain you by Nirvana
Lithium- E-G#5-C#5-A5-C5-D5-B5-D5 Intro,verse is the same,Chorus With Distortion
E5-G#5-A5-C5-D5-B5-D5 thats basically it,
Drain you,
B, D#, G#, C#, the riff (F#)- E -C# for the choruses, and a chorus ending of B, A, G#.
Breaking the law by Judas Priest. Awesome and easy song
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