Hi, i have an electric guitar and i don't know why (i'm new at guitar) but this fret makes a different and really bad sound. And it's only this fret, i already played to 12th fret and the sound is normal, 4th fret is really bad.

check this file with the sound http://d.turboupload.com/d/1441109/guit.mp3.html

thank you
Check to see if there is a bump in the string. I've had this happen to me before, at the fret where it sounds bad, there was a bump.
i didnt listen to it but is it like fret buzz? or you may be playing the fourth fret and the open e string together which make a RLY bad sound.
No, i'm just playing that string.

Btw, what means bump? my english.. at least the string looks fine. but i'm not sure.
A bump is where something sticks up off the string. Check to make sure the string is round, with no imperfections near the fret.
looks like it's round. but i can't find another cause to this sound, just the string. :\
take it to a music store, it might be that you have a bad fret altogeth. For example, you might have a dented fret, guitar center told me i had one and it would cost 50 dollars to fix.
i think you are right. I made an experience. I tried to play the 3rd string normal, than i moved the 3rd string close to the 4th and the sound is still ok, but than i moved it close to the 2nd string (close to the bad sound fret) and the sound is worst than the one i got first.

Tomorrow i'll try to go to the music store and talk to them
raise the action a little. if u post ur guitar type ill tell u how to do it.

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