So for anyone that doesn't follow NAMM (I don't follow it as much as I should), Warwick just anounced two new basses, with some very different factory setups.

The Taranis: http://www.warwickbass.com/news/104.htm
Looks like a corvette FNA Jazzman at first sight, but once you get down to it, it's an all passive bass (fairly rare for Warwick). But that isn't the biggest surprise. The 4 string version of this beast comes factory tuned and setup to BEAD. Since when do companies do that?

And their other new model-

The Vampyre Bolt on "Dark Lord": http://www.warwickbass.com/news/107.htm

Now this bass is confusing me a little bit, namely because it sounds to obscure to become a factory production bass, but no where on the information does it say it is going to have a limited run.

The biggest thing about this bass is once again, the factory standard tuning.
F# B E A

Thats right. F# B E A.

What?! Sure it has a 35" scale neck, but a low F#? there is no way this bass (if it is a production model) is going to be able to sell. It's way to impractical. There is also no mention of a 5 string model (Assuming the 5 string would be F# B E A D)

Prices have yet to be released (that I can find) for either bass. Thoughts?
yum, metal basses.

but really, i don't like that vampyre
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the first one when i clicked the link, i read it as "all hail trannies".
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My guess is they are both going to be close if not over $2,000, simply because of the factory tunings. They require a whole new production line.

I doubt that they'll transfer them over to Rockbass form, but you never know whats going to happen.
ugh. i hate the shape of vampires..

and i agree. anything tuned lower A. is a tad extreme.. (drop A being used on 5 string or seven string guitar)
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i love the way the taranis looks, i'd buy one if it wasn't BEAD. that's just plain silly.
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These tuning seem to be a sales gimmick. It makes me not want to get one though, because I use my G string too much. The Taranis looks nice, but nothing incredibly amazing or extremely different from the other Warwicks.
I don't see the problem with a F# string. Anything lower is probobly near to inaudable anyways.
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They're clearly aiming to take advantage of the whole drop-tuned metal thing going off at the moment.

And yeah, Vampyres are ugly.
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I like 'em in idea.

I'll probably hate how they sound and play (Not a Warwick fan) but I gotta give it to them, it's something different and cool.
Interesting idea, but they'll fail once the novelty of it ends.

And good luck finding replacement strings for that Dark Lord.
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