ok so my guitar teacher lesson person has a kramer that I'm going to try out next week. its an original 1984 baretta made in japan though. he wants 250-350 for it and its got a seymour duncan (I dont know exactly which one) and an original floyd rose tremolo. 22 frets and a black finish thats in perfect condition except with one little nick in the front about a mm or 2 in diameter. good deal or bad deal. it doesnt matter what amp i have or what i play either!! just tell me if its a good deal!
Great deal! I hear Kramer back in the days were very popular and amazing...

OFR is very reliable so you don't have to worry about it breaking down.
Unknown Seymour Duncans, nothing I could say about them since I don't know model but hey, it's a neat bonus!

I'd say go for it, at $350 it's a steal!
i dont have pixxx its not mine yet!!!

also its a kramer focus and it looks like a baretta. it has a seymour duncan ??? screamer i forget what it is but he said its a high output pickup and its like 90 bucks! he also did a mod on the knob so that when you turn it down the treble won't go down. he says it's got an original floyd rose, but how do you tell the difference between original and licsensed? also, its got 3 chips, 2 in paint and 1 one down to the wood. how do i cover them up? he says put nail polish on them. also he wants 300 for it. good deal or bad deal and what about the questions above?