can i just record on the mp3 recorder and put it on my computer to edit it up and stuff or do i need some more types of programs? and ive got fruityloops beat making program, can i chuck my songs on there somehow and get percussion and everything into it or what do i need?
You can easily get files on it by going to my computer. You will see an icon that says "removable disc" or something. Just drag and drop. And as for chucking those songs on there, they would have to be in mp3, wma, stuff like that. They can't be MIDI tracks, unless your mp3 is compatible with them.
I used to do the same thing with an mp3 player and it worked, but not well. I would make a drum track, transfer the drums into audacity and play those back. Then I recorded using the mp3 player while listening to the drums through headphones. Next I connected the mp3 player to the computer, transferred the files to audacity and matched the guitar and drums together using the time shift tool. When I wanted another track I'd repeat the process over again. Doing that was a pain in the ass and a lot of work for such poor sound quality. Even a usb mic would (likely) sound better than the mp3 player and you would be able to record much faster.
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