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Opaque Viewing Glass To A Bottomless Pit Called Liquid Purgatory.

Casket Open:
an elegaic smile,
tipped crescents with embryo lips,
Casket Close:
A lily, a diamond lily,
capers, lands, sits.
Her hands thrown,
on my closed casket.

"I'll Say it First"

My mind is racing
like thin blood to a cut
and the bleeding won't stop
What the hell do I want?
She's pushed me past the point of tears
and for whatever reason I've been sitting here
for two hours on this park bench
thinking about the last thing she said

"Then you never have to talk to me again
see if I ****ing care.....
like you ever loved me anyway......
no one wants you here..."

There's alot more
but it was hard to hear above the yelling
As she screamed my heart was swelling
to an unbearable weight
and it's getting heavier
at an alarming rate

I don't know what I'm waiting here for
I guess I'm waiting on her
waiting for her to walk by
so I can have a pathetic attempt
to say I'm sorry
cause I know she won't say it first