I'm an old, old schooler. Honestly, I haven't really been motivated enough by a metal band (as defined here, anyway, there are some crossover bits I actually like) to buy their album since Dream Theater's Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence.

Of course, it probably doesn't help that I cut my teeth on IM's Powerslave and TS's Stay Hungry, and my formative years were spent listening to Mr. Bungle, among other strange stuff, but at least that gives you a basis for what I like.

What I'm looking for anymore is some really creative riffing, comprehensible vocals (don't mind yelling in key a la Hetfield, but no screamo or cookie-core) and fluid arrangements (doesn't have to be "Metropolis Part I", but 3 minutes on the same riff will bore me to death)

So, what do ya have for me? Honestly I'd prefer to hear unknowns - up and comers - hell, if your band fits the bill, I'm all ears. I'm just so over the hardcore scene, which is so absolutely predominant in the area I live.
Kreator?! Crikey, they were just getting started back when I was still in middle school! (1985-87, for those who were wondering)

Come on, dude, you can do better than that...