Ok, i own a fender lite ash stratocaster with seymour duncan pickups and im not completely satisfied with the sound i am getting... i play it through a peavey ultra tube combo amp which is sounds really good with my ibanez guitar but i love my fender and i would like to use it more... i love playing this guitar on a clean setting with the neck pickup, but when i want to play heavier stuff with the bridge pickup then im not getting enough crunch... im not looking for a really heavy sound so i can play metallica and pantera and stuff like that, but i want a nice gain so i can play some black sabbath type shit like the sword and stuff... i dont wanna put a hot rail in because im worried that will be too heavy sounding, i just want to know what i should do... whether it be raising the pickups, replacing them, or something else... any answers will help, thank you

Here is the guitar

Yeah get a overdrive pedal, or put some new pups in it.
yea i thought about getting a tube screamer, but then i would have a shitload of feedback... and i still need to buy a cabinet for my amp so i can play really loud, so how exactly do you use a tube screamer... it just adds gain from the amps gain right
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