wondering if I shuold buy an epiphone g-400 or epiphone les paul? i've played them both and like em both.
i like them both, but the SGs just feel funny.
that, and the neck hits the floor if you let go of it.
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Even though I like the body styles equally, I say the Les Paul, because Epiphone wise the sound is great at the price.
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if you can deal with the weight of the LP go for that, if not go for the SG.

what kinda music?
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meh, If you're going for the les paul standard, I'd get the SG. The standards are made from a mahogany alder sandwich, which really doesn't sound good.

However, if you can find either a les paul plain top, or one made before 2000, then I'd go for the les paul.

Sg's are pretty much les pauls without the sustain and with better fret access (IMHO)
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id get the sg there a little neck heavy but you get used to that within a few days and their a lot more comfortable than les pauls i got the g-400 custom changed the pickup and its great i sold my les paul after because i liked the sg so much better
lps are better
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