Just curious what kind of stuff ya'll do in preparation for coming up with a nice sounding piece of music. Do you first pick a key, and then kind of run through you head what you want it to sound like and then what do you do, just anything that helps you come up with the type of sound your looking for. I have a problem getting the type of melody, and sound I want, any advice is appreciated
Usually I just fool around until I play something I think is interesting. I start with riffs instead of chords, then it expands from there. Don't think too hard about what you're doing in the beginning.
it really depends on what im doing. there are times when im just screwing around and come up with a cool riff that becomes the start of a song. there are other times when i plan things out as much as i can before hand.

you dont have to start by picking a key, instead try focusing more on the ideas and feelings that you want to convey. think of how they would sound on the guitar and what kind of changes you may need to acomplish those sounds. so if you want a piece to start out very mellow then turn more to a sad sound you could try starting with a slow major theme and then move to a minor theme. then start working with the guitar to see how you can get those ideas. or even just dont bother with the guitar and come up with the music in your head and put it down. you dont have to be able to transpose a melody from your head to write in your head, you can start with some basic chord ideas and try humming over them.
i'm trying to be as much as I can, I rarley get stuck in the whole 4 chord songs and cliché chorus. I use alot of jazz chords and rythimcly, being a somewhat of a drummer helps.
listening to ubber-alternative bands like Cardiacs and Captain Beefheart helps alot too.
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I usually have written all my songs off of trying to play other songs.
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i tend to hear a melody or theme in my head before writing...from there, it flows out naturally when i build on it

but i also believe the best things come on accident...the latest song i wrote started with a melody that i came up with just messing around
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Creativity is definitely the strongest attribute of my playing. I never over think anything, either. I can just whip out riffs. Every other aspect of my playing, however, is going to take work lol.
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well if it's just me I sit around a pick at notes and strum chords till I find something I like. If it's me and some friends we just say alright on the spot jam and go off that which is but I suck at that. But yes I would consinder myself creative.

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I've been told I'm creative.

I'd go into my songwriting process, but it'd take too long =)
My one piece of advice is that if you feel inspired ever, drop everything and grab your guitar (or pen, if you write lyrics) and do as much as you can while the feeling lasts.
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