I was just on the Marshall site, and they have two new(?) amp lines, the Vintage Modern and the JVM. Anyone know anything about them? They any good? Prices?
No ones actually tried them yet... You'll have to wait for real reviews. In the meantime go to their website, check out the specs, manuals, and demo vids....
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I have a demo DVD for the JVM and it sounds crap. Basically a TSL with more features.

The demo where it's just the amp and the guy goes through all the channels? I think it sounds pretty good, just there doesn't seem to be much variation between the modes and channels. It's far from sounding "crap" though...
They're new, and I'd like to try one but they don't come out in the states until Spring or so.
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I got the DVD demo for the vintage modern in November's issue of total guitar.

from watching the demo it does what it says on the tin. however I think the modern setting are a bit dated, In other words I don't think you can get a cutting edge modern tone out of it. The guy that demoed it is in a I guess the best way to describe them would be garage rock band and it did sound very cool for stuff he was playing, kinda had an 80's vibe to it.

cool amp for classic rock, blues and 80's metal saying that I 'm sure you could get a Grunge sound out of it to basically it sounded good but it wouldn't do modern metal